#TheDoseWeKnead: The Baker’s Dozen

#TheDoseWeKnead: The Baker’s Dozen

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of uncertainty and fear across the world. As countries battle to control the spread of the virus, vaccination has emerged as a crucial tool to safeguard public health. However, vaccine hesitancy continues to be a significant obstacle in achieving herd immunity. In this context, Chef Aditi Handa, co-founder of India’s largest Artisanal Bakery, launched ‘TheDoseWeKnead’ campaign, a pro-vaccination initiative aimed at encouraging people to get vaccinated and stay safe.


The main objective of TheDoseWeKnead campaign was to create positive brand recall and induce large-scale trials. The initiative was intended to encourage their audience to get vaccinated, stay safe and be well. The campaign was designed to provide a dose of happiness in these challenging times and to spread the message that vaccination is a crucial step towards protecting oneself and one’s community.


TheDoseWeKnead campaign was launched as a digital initiative, with a focus on social media platforms. The brand partnered with influencers to spread the message of vaccination and encourage people to participate in the campaign. The campaign website was designed to make it easy for people to upload their vaccination certificates and claim their free box of freshly baked cookies.

The brand’s ethos of honesty and generosity was reflected in the campaign’s design. The free box of cookies was shipped to each and every person who uploaded their vaccination certificate on the website. This approach not only incentivized people to get vaccinated but also created a positive brand image for the bakery.


TheDoseWeKnead campaign was a massive success, with thousands of people participating and claiming their free box of cookies. The campaign generated a lot of buzz on social media, with people sharing their vaccination stories and tagging their friends and family to encourage them to get vaccinated. The initiative was widely covered in the media, further increasing its reach and impact.

The campaign not only achieved its primary objective of creating positive brand recall but also contributed to the larger goal of promoting vaccination. The initiative encouraged people to prioritize their health and well-being, and take a step towards achieving herd immunity.


TheDoseWeKnead campaign by Chef Aditi Handa was a creative and impactful way of promoting vaccination and spreading positivity during these challenging times. The campaign’s focus on digital platforms and social media influencers ensured maximum reach and impact. The brand’s ethos of honesty and generosity was reflected in the campaign design, further strengthening its impact. The success of this campaign is an example of how businesses can use their influence to promote public health and well-being.

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