next 2 me

When Armaan Malik came up with that perfect quarantine song, that was intended to call out to our lockdown emotions, especially lovers stuck in long-distance even when they are a few kms away. next 2 me was Armaan’s first English title, and he expressed his wishes to make it stand out. Challenge was, how to make the online launch so desirable that it break records and does what it was made for, ‘connect the ones who are far away yet close’. We developed a website so interactive, where the users/visitors can create a personalised ‘next 2 me’ story via Instagram story generator, allowing them to put a picture of someone they want to dedicate that song. Next fantastic thing we did was to create an AR filter, keeping in mind the craze of Customized Instagram Filters, which allowed people to engage with the song on a more fun, intimate and personal level.

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